COOKIES POLICY is dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable browsing experience and improving our site.

So, we use cookies which are small files containing information that can be stored on your browser or computer hard drive to differentiate between users' visits. Our range of cookies also allows us to provide a tailored approach specifically for each individual user needs!

Our website uses various types of cookies to enhance your user experience:

Strictly necessary cookies

Our site uses these cookies to keep it running smoothly and securely. These include ones that let you log into secure areas, shop online with your cart or pay bills electronically - all so that everyone can have a great experience.

Analytical or performance cookies

These cookies keep track of how many visitors we get and where they go as soon as they log in. This helps us optimize our site, making it easier for users to navigate and find exactly what they need quickly without wasting any time.

Functionality cookies

By using these cookies, we are able to recognize you as soon as you come back. That way, when visiting us again, all your preferences will be remembered - from language and region selections to regularly used products.

Targeting cookies

These will keep track of your journey on our website, noting which pages and links you've checked out. This helps us craft a more tailored experience - including ads that cater to what interests you the most! Plus, we may even share some information with third parties who can provide additional related content or offers.

Managing Cookies

To protect your privacy and browsing history while on our site, you can take control by deleting existing cookies or adjusting the settings of your web browser. For further information about how to adjust these options, head over to

If you delete or disable cookies, some areas and features of our site will no longer be accessible. Make sure to keep them enabled for a complete browsing experience!