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Is Keno Better Than Slots?

14 August 2023 - 3 min read

Keno and slots are both established casino games, enjoyed by millions. Walking through a casino floor you cannot help but be treated to a sensory overload thanks to the flashing lights, mechanical whirring, and high-pitched soundtrack of the slots, while the bright lights of the keno lounge also battle for your attention.

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What Are The Differences Between Keno and Slots?

For the most part, the fact that keno and slots are both casino games are where the similarities end. These are two very different styles of games with very distinct qualities. Let’s examine these two casino institutions and decide which is better between keno and slots!

Origin Story

The history of keno has been well documented, with the game’s history tracing back some 3000 years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the slot machine is a much more recent innovation. In fact, it wasn’t until 1895 that the first slot machine was devised.

The “Liberty Bell” slot machine was invented by Charles August Fey in San Francisco. The first slot machine has had a lasting impact on the industry, with many of the same principles still used today. Different symbols, reels and combination originated with the Liberty Bell. While modern machine’s may have expanded upon these founding features, they all share a common heritage with Fey’s 19th century design.

Style of Play

Sitting down to play a game of keno is going to be a radically different experience to spinning slots. While with slots you pay your money and start spinning, a game of keno will require you to give some thought first. Normally, players will select numbers from a pre-defined range – usually from 1 to 80 – and then wait for numbered balls to be drawn from a machine. The machine that draws the numbers can be either digital, or it may be done in person in some keno lounges.

Conversely, slots are an entirely digital experience. However, this experience can often be more varied than a typical keno game as bonus features, interactive elements, and a wider variety of potential ways to win are on offer. In addition to this, slot machines lend themselves to much more customisation by their developers, meaning that there is much more choice when it comes to their themes.

Game Speed

By their very nature, keno and slots are inherently different when it comes to the speed at which both games are played. Keno games are usually drawn at specific intervals, with players waiting for the draw to be made. These timings are varied depending on the specific game, and there can be minutes, hours and even days between each draw.

On the other hand, slots players enjoy a much more prolific gameplay. The fast pace of play means that players can go through multiple spins each minute. This has an effect that players would be well advised to be aware of: winnings and losses can accumulate very quickly!

Similarities Between Keno and Slots

Despite radical differences in the gameplay and style, slots and keno do share some similarities that we should be aware. These similarities are due to the fact that the outcomes of each is determined by a computerised random number generator, which means that the impact of any type of playing strategy for keno and slots will be minimal.

Skill and Strategy

This is the one area where both keno and slots share a common feature. These are not skill-based games, so players will rely on luck to be successful. For the most part there is no way in which a player can effectively influence each games outcome without resorting to cheating.

In keno, the winning numbers are drawn by an independent machine, with little chance that a thirds party can actively influence their results. Although slots can be more interactive in their design, they are equally unbothered the input of the player. In fact, their outcome is determined by random number generators, making them entirely a game of chance.

In short, playing either game with a “strategy” will have minimal, or even zero, impact on your chance of winning!

Keno vs Slots, Which Is Better?

As with most things on the casino floor, deciding which is better is entirely subjective and down to your own preference in that moment. If you are interested in a slower paced game with some similarities to lotteries, then you may lean towards keno. Alternatively, slots could be the best choice if you are interested in a more fast-paced, interactive gaming session.

The answer isn’t always black and white, and there is a third option: both! Enjoying one game naturally doesn’t exclude you from enjoying the other. Having two options that are so different is, in fact, a good thing as it means you have options to suit your mood!